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New Art Studio Curtains

This was a very fun project.  I hand-painted new curtains for my New Art Studio.  I wanted something fun and artsy for the Art Studio, so I created them.

I started with some white sheeting fabric.

Then I dug out some textile paint I had from previous projects, and brushed on some hot pink.

I went to a smaller sized paint brush and brushed on some violet, used brush strokes and some spatters, and I am liking it so far.

Next I applied teal, and then threw on a splattering of gold.

Curtain #1 of 4 drying.

I repeated the process for curtain #2, sewed the rod pockets, the hems and mounted the curtain rod on the wall and tada!!!  One set of curtains done!!

Here is a close up of the painting.

I started curtain #3 for Window #2 and ran shy of paint.  After several days of looking and several trips to local art supply stores, I found more paint in Sarasota.  Yay!!!

Here are the completed set of curtains for Window #2, painted, rod pockets and hems sewn; and curtain rod mounted.

I am loving my new artsy curtains for my New Art Studio.  I did not like being out back after dark with no curtains.  It is also going to help keep it a little cooler in there for the summer too.

Loving my new studio, and loving my new artsy, hand-painted curtains.  Having fun being creative.

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New Art Studio Deck

Here is the new my deck we built out back in front of my New Art Studio.  It has sure been nice having the new deck and the new stepping stone walkway.

With all the torrential rains and thunderstorms we have been having for weeks. I am so loving not having to walk through puddles and wet grass to get to my New Art Studio!!!


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Life Has Been Crazy Busy

It has been a crazy busy month.  I haven’t posted in quite a while.  So much has happened.
First, we had our house tented for termites.  It is a Florida thing you have to do every few years if you live in Florida.

It was a ton of work to prep for the tenting the whole week before.  We had to double bag up all the food in the pantry, in the fridge and the freezer; all the spices, teas, and coffees, all the box goods, all the medicines in both bathrooms.  We have a very large pantry full of stuff.  The above pic only shows a few bags.  Anything that was not factory sealed had to be double bagged.  Then after getting the house bagged up we had to leave for two and a half days.  So we took our laptops and a bunch of files and went to a Motel and worked.  We had 4 days back home trying to un-bag all that stuff and put it away after the tenting.  What a mess we had to undo, and of course keep working at our day job, our law practice, and pack for our trip.  We did not get the un-bagging finished before leaving, so we took off and still left a mess in the house.  Such is life sometimes.

Then it was off to South Carolina to our see our Daughter and Son-in-Love to spend Mother’s Day.  Yay, time for some fun and a much-needed short break.

Above is a pic of my beautiful baby girl, Beckie, and I having fun, our first Mother’s Day together in 20 years!

Above is Beckie and Richard’s lovely wooded 3 1/2 acres in South Carolina.  Such a wonderful place they have, out in the country.

On Saturday the day before Mother’s day, we went to Cooley Farms, Strawberry Hills, which was just a few miles up the road from the kids house.  Oh my, what yummy stuff they had there.

Love this shirt, just had to click a pic of it.

We bought some strawberries and fresh produce, some peach cider and blueberry bread.  Beckie cooked the fresh veggies for dinner and we drank the cider, it was sooo good.  Munched on the blueberry bread for a couple of days.

See the big buckets of Strawberries (above), they were having a special, buy 1 bucket, get 1 free.  They were literally fresh picked from the farm.  People were lining up waiting for the tractors to bring the fresh berries in from the strawberry fields on the rolling hills.  They were soooo very yummy!!!

Then we made jam on Saturday evening.  Beckie did most of the work, I helped.

Above, cooked jam going in the jars, below putting the jars in the water bath.

Below the canned strawberry jam.  We had about a full case of jam when we got done.

We got a nice surprise Mother’s Day morning.  My wonderful Granddaughters sent my Daughter and I Shari’s Berries for Mother’s Day.  Sooo very yummy, and we so enjoyed them!!


Then we went to Spartanburg, where we picked up my Grandson, Devin, and the 5 of us all headed for Greenville to the Artisphere Art Festival.  It was a beautiful day for it and we walked and walked seeing all the fantastic artists.

Which included the street performers.  Love those socks. 

All in all it was a wonderful extended weekend, but all good things must come to an end and Monday morn we were on the road again for the return trip to Florida.  We drove a different route than normal as we had to stop in Marianna, Florida for a court hearing (our day job, law practice).  On the way to Marianna we went through downtown Atlanta during the evening rush hour, not good at all!!!

The blue tent of my truck window made the sky look a bit bluer.  Two and a half hours later we finally got out of Atlanta.  Oh my, it was awful!!!

 We finally made it to Marianna about 10 pm and found our motel and crashed.  We were very tired to say the least.  My Hubby got up and headed to the Courthouse Tues morn and took care of his Client’s legal matter, and came back to the motel to get me.  We were loaded by 11 am and on the road for home.  Arrived home about 8:30 pm to the messy house we had left behind, back to reality and the rest of the un-bagging, the putting stuff back in the pantry, and cleaning the house.  It was a fun trip, but we could have done without the Atlanta traffic.

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Walkway Created from the House to the New Art Studio

This is so nice!!  Backyard Getaway came and created me a flagstone walkway from the front patio around the side of the house and out back to the New Art Studio.

Dave and Lisa did an awesome job and if you need landscaping done, I highly recommend Backyard Getaway!!  Below they laid out the walk, put the landscape timbers in and laid the fiber cloth.

Heading past the living room windows and past my Hubby, Rick’s Hydroponic garden out to the New Art Studio.

This is a pic looking from the New Art Studio back towards the house.

Again looking the opposite direction, from the New Art Studio to the house, the deck, and the river.  You can see the kayaks in the background. (That is where I take the awesome pics of the river, from the deck.)

  Here we are, day two, the completed flagstone walkway, the stones are surrounded by shell.

This is going to be so nice during the rainy season.  It will also help to keep some of the sand from being tracked into the house.

The rest of the walk and Rick’s Hydroponic garden.  As you can see, we still have a lot of construction clean up we are doing in they yard, but we are getting there.

So very happy with my new walkway!!!!  Cannot thank Dave and Lisa enough.

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Finishing Up The New Art Studio

I am down to all the finishing touches on the new art studio.

Here you can see I finally got all my sheets of stained glass out of the house and back into the cabinet where they belong safe and sound!  Yay!!  Only chipped the corner of one piece.  I thought that was a pretty good accomplishment.  It took me months and months of carrying a few sheets out at a time every time I went out back.   As you can see I have a lot of beautiful stained glass to work with.  I have it all organized by brand and by fusible and non-fusible, and have one cubby for my glass rods for lampwork or flamework glass bead making.  This will make everything very easy to access when I want to create!!

I started grouting the tile on the new counter top, messy, but a necessity.  My wonderful Hubby, Rick, got the trim board mounted on the front of the counter top.

Finally all the grouting mess is done and the tile cleaned!!!  Yay!!!

My two 110 Kilns and my microwave are now reposing on the new counter top in their new home.

Now I am back to finishing the painting of the floor!  You can also see I put spray foam in the crack in the floor between the two units to seal it up.

Prepping the next section of the floor for paint, under the window on the South side.

In between waiting on paint, grout and caulk to dry, and while cleaning out the old art studio upstairs in the house, I found this old Dave’s Insanity hot sauce bottle rack.  I stuck it away some years ago on a shelf and forgot I had it, thinking I could use it for something.

I flipped it upside down, and got my wonderful Hubby to cut a dowel and drill holes in it for the dowel.

I put a couple of coats of some pretty blue paint on it and, presto change o, I now have a new “upcycled”/”recycled” rack for my spools of bead stringing wire and my small pliers, cutters and crimping tools!!!  I love my little rack!!

Things are progressing nicely!!

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Our Trip to Texas

Here are pics of our trip to Texas for Rick’s Mom’s 90th Birthday celebration.

Here is my son, Robert, and brother-in-law, Rick, pulling out the air roasted turkey my Hubby cooked.


More pics of the Turkey.  It was real yummy!!!IMG_1654

Carving the bird.IMG_1661

Mom opening her birthday gifts with some of the great grandkids watching her.IMG_1683

Mom with her gift, the lapgan blanket, I crocheted for her sitting in her lap.IMG_1686

Some close up pics of the lapgan blanket.



I chose the colors to match Mom’s couch.


We had a wonderful time!!!

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Manatee Co Fair Winners 2017

Wow, my entries at the Manatee Co Fair won awards!!

My Free-Form Crochet Shawl (without a pattern).RIMG0904

They did not display it very well, but you can see the Red Rosette Second Place Ribbon on the Shawl at the Fair.IMG_1539

My handmade (lampwork) bead necklace hung on my handmade sterling silver neck wire won First Place.

IMG_1552Excited and happy!!

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New Art Studio, Almost Done

Here is the next installment of the New Art Studio progress.
Down to the finishing touches, the nitty gritty tedious stuff, like caulking seams and corners.  img_1243

Final coat of paint going on the two front walls around the windows and the cased opening. img_1407

Starting to put my shelves back into my cabinet, and every time I come outside from the house I carry some of my stained glass out and am putting it back in the cabinet.img_1419

Close up of some of my pretty stained glass and glass rods.img_1421

Another close up of some glass.img_1422

Since I took the cabinet out to the New Art Studio a couple of months ago, all my beautiful stained glass collection has been resting against the wall in the old art studio upstairs in the house.  I hold my breath when I am in there around it, will be glad to get it all transported outside and back into it’s cabinet where it is safe and sound.  img_1426

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Christmas Vacation, Part 2

I need to show you the rest of our Christmas Vacation pics with our Son and Daughter-in-Love.  On Mon, the 26th we ventured out from Cedar Key to Manatee Spring, Florida.  What a beautiful place.
Scuba divers were in the springs, the water was crystal clear!img_1307

Trees all around the water, and the water was like glass.img_1308

Hubby, Rick, enjoying the walk along the river.img_1312

Map of where the springs are located.img_1315

So beautiful.img_1328

As we walked along the river walk it just got prettierimg_1343

Here is where the spring flows into the Swanee River.  We have decided we have to go back with our kayaks.img_1389Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a hope 2017 is a fantastic year for all.

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Christmas Vacation

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we did!!
We got to spend it with our Son and Daughter-in-Love in Cedar Key, Florida.  Here are some pics of Cedar Key, the kids and us.img_1257

It is a quaint little fishing village. I love how I caught the reflection in the water.



Here are our Son and Daughter-in-Love, Rob and Stephanie.
Rick took their pic with the sun in their eyes.


A pic looking out from the dock. img_1288

Remnants of Hurricane Hermine are still to be seen around town.


This place did not fare so well.


Close up of the stairs


Here are Rick and I.  We had fun!!


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The Next Group of New Art Studio Pics

The interior of the New Art Studio has taken me a lot longer than I thought, but working full-time with my Hubby the Attorney (running a full-time law practice) keeps me busy almost 24/7.  I try to fit a couple of hours out in the New Studio almost every evening, but it doesn’t always happen.

Here are the newest pics:

Coat #2 going in the cabinet doors for the south side, those are now done.


The contractor finished closing in the opening between the north and south sides, all boxed in nice and neat.  Sorry the overhead lights caused a glare in this pic.  Now lots more wood to paint!img_0910

Another pic of the cased opening img_0912

Was able to sell that extra bat of insulation, yay! got it out of my way.

I got the final coat on the south side back section of the walls.  Once the cabinets and floor are done in this back section, my Hubby can build my counter top which will be under the cabinets for my two table top 110 kilns. img_0963

Got two coats of primer on the cabinet facing, the underside of the cabinet and right side of it, and then started the purple paint last night on the south side cabinets.


Spent lots and lots of time this week caulking the corners and seams between boards, very tedious, but it has to get done.

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More Pics of the Interior of the New Art Studio

Time for another update on my progress on the new art studio:

My wonderful Hubby got my counter top built with the wonderful piece of Corian we scored at Habitat for Humanity for $15.  I have to paint the wood.  It is so nice, and my Sterlite drawers will fit under it perfectly.


I have steadily been bringing in art supplies from out of the old studio in the house into the new studio out back.  Just stacking stuff for now, will organize it all later.


Two coats of primer on the walls around the cabinets on the south side.  Ready for the final coat of paint.


Started the primer coats on the cabinet doors for the south side.


Working on the south side cabinets so I can bring in more art supplies and put them in those cabinets, and so my hubby can build me a counter top under the cabinets.  I am making good progress.  More pics to come.

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