About the Artist


Here I am making handmade (lampwork) glass beads, this pic was taken in
the Village of the Arts at the Manatee County Chamber of Commerce Event.

I enjoy creating beautiful, elegant art jewelry out of all different elements: glass, precious metals and clay.  I love creating beautiful things for myself, and for you to wear and enjoy.  Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted by myself in my studio, Lee Shore Studio, in Bradenton, Florida, and each piece is a one-of-a-kind, thus it becomes my: “ELEGANT ART YOU CAN WEAR.”

I started working with precious metals (gold and silver) and stained glass in college in the mid 1980’s, when I majored in Jewelry Design.   I enjoyed working in those mediums for several years.  Then I took a glass fusing and slumping class and became fascinated with the effects of fusing multiple pieces of glass together in a kiln.  In August of 2004 I taught myself lampworking or flameworking, (glass bead making, wherein a glass bead is created by melting glass rods under a torch and shaping the molten glass into a bead, as shown in the picture above).  My husband laughingly says we have a foundry (4 kilns and multiple torches).

In this photo I am showing my just finished hand crafted glass beads before they
have been removed from the rods, to customers at Lee Shore Gallery in the
Village of the Arts, at the Village Studio Tours.

In the spring of 2006 I learned silk painting and added hand painted, original design, silk scarves to my hand crafted creations.  I loving painting on the silks, it is fun and fascinating.  I have painted a few silk garments for myself also and would like to delve into some more in the future.

This is a photo of one of my original design scarves I call “Hearts”, hand painted on 100% silk.
All silks are painted in a smoke free, pet free environment.

In 2009 I returned to needle arts after a 25 year sabbatical.  I am again enjoying creating lovely garments by knitting and crocheting, mostly crochet.  I have been branching out into designing my own garments, and writing and publishing my own crochet patterns the past few years (check my blog posts for my Free Crochet Patterns, they are also published on Ravelry and Craftsy).  I discovered Free Form Crochet a January 2013 (crocheting without a pattern, creating as you go using different textures, types, and thicknesses of yarns, and different stitches).

SANY0003This is my Award Winning, Free Form Wall Hanging titled “Blues”, besides all different colors, textures
and types of blue yarn, I have incorporated some of my fused glass in this piece and also some
of my lampwork glass beads.  ‘Blues’ has a home on my Dinning Room Wall.  I would love
to create a special wall hanging just for you.  All fiber arts are created in a smoke free, pet free environment. 

RIMG0690Blues won a First Place Rosette at the Manatee County Fair in January 2015.
The Note on the back of my entry form written by the Judge says, “Beautiful & Very Original”.

In adding to my fiber arts, I have recently I have started learning yarn spinning and weaving.  I don’t any pics of that yet to share as I am still learning. 

I am currently involved in a group called Spinners, Knitters & More.  We meet at the Palmetto Branch of the Manatee County Library every 4th Saturday of the month, from 9 am until about 3 or 4 pm.  The group meeting is open to anyone who loves fiber arts.  Come join us.

Below are pics of my former group of knitters and crocheters which I have led in the past:

Center top, me crocheting an afghan for my Granddaughter, Danyelle, which was a high school
graduation gift for her.  Bottom right Bobbie making a scarf on the Knifty Knitter loom.  Bottom left
Carol knitting a shawl.  This was one of our Knitting & Crochet Friends group meetings.

A little more about me:  My husband Rick and I have made our home in Bradenton, Florida for the past 22 years, and we love it here. We have been married for almost 45 years.  We have 2 children, a son and a daughter, grown and married, and 1 dear friend who is a daughter to us.  They, and their wonderful spouses have given us 9 wonderful/beautiful grandchildren, and 5 beautiful great-grandchildren.  We thoroughly enjoy being grandparents and spoiling them rotten.

I love teaching art.  (See my “Classes” page for more information on the Classes I teach.)  We enjoy spending a lot of time with our children, grandchildren and their friends teaching them art, and taking them to art shows, art museums and art galleries.  Our children and grandchildren enjoy getting in my art studio and being creative whenever they come to visit.  On Mother’s Day 2012 two of my grandsons, along with the younger grandson’s girlfriend were here, and after dinner we fired up 4 torches and all 4 of us sat around a table making glass beads together.  It was a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day!!

My Husband Rick is a Musician and Guitar Builder, go to Lee Lutherie to see his hand crafted guitars.  He enjoys being creative too and dabbles with some glass fusing and glass bead making also.

My husband and I have a very strong faith in Jesus Christ and we believe He is the One Who sustains us and Who has given us the talents to be creative.  We are very active in our local church, The Family Church at Christian Retreat here in Bradenton, Florida.