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Black & Gold Fused Glass Sushi Plate and 2 Sauce Dishes

Just added to the website on the fused glass page:

I love glass fusing, is such a fun process.  I cutting the glass, I layer the pieces and place them into the slumping mold.  I then place them in the kiln and turn it on.  I ramp up the temp in increments of 100 degrees every 10 minutes, working my way up to 1450 degrees.  Holding it at that temp and checking every 10 minutes to see how the fusing process is coming along.  When it gets to the place I want it to be, then I start the cool down process.  The anticipation of waiting to see how the glass turns out is so much fun.  I can hardly wait until the kiln cools enough to open it.  Of course, I have to wait for it to cool completely so I do not crack the glass, so that takes 2 or 3 more hours after the kiln is turned off.  The glass starts out hard, gets soft as it slumps and fuses, then hardens again as cools.  Fascinating to say the least.

Black & Gold Fused Glass Sushi Plate and 2 Sauce Dishes


I layered the glass, in put it in the my kiln and fused it together while slumping it into the wavy plate mold.  The glass is taken to a temp of about 1450 degrees.  One plate takes about 3 1/2 hours in the kiln.  Plate is approximately 7 inches square.  The gold dichroic glass is original Wasser glass.  $72.00 for the set.

Black and Gold wavy sushi plate


Two sauce dishes


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