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Creating new Necklaces

Creating new Necklaces for the up coming Art on the Water show

I just thought you might like to see what I am working on.  Here is my work bench and the some of the stuff just finished and some in the process, preparing for this coming Saturday’s show.  (See my previous post for Art on the Water show info.)

Two finished necklaces in the fore ground of the picture.  The cross on the left I did a few weeks ago, the dangle one on the right, I just finished Mon night.  On the bead board is the next one I started laying out last night and stringing.  It will be multi-strand. 

The next step in the process is to price each finished piece and to photograph them.  I so love being creative.  I love making wearable Art, and I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoy creating it for you. 

I wish I could do this full time.  One day soon I will retire from the paralegal gig and just have fun creating full time.  Have a happy Tuesday everyone.  Do come see me at Art on the Water this Saturday, Jackson’s Bistro, Tampa, Florida.  (See previous blog post or Events page for more info.)

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2 thoughts on “Creating new Necklaces

  1. Dear Christina,

    I am a friend of Marsha Hofers in California. She showed me your page and you do beautiful work. I am learning to do bead work myself, I have crocheted and quilted all of my life and I love this type of work. I would like to join one of your classes, do you have them online.

    Terry Hasty

    1. Hi Terry. I have not taught online yet, but I certainly could. I have been talking to a few people who want to learn via Skype. Do you have a webcam? The class could be done live, where we could actually see and talk to each other and do a one-on-one instruction live via the web.

      Marsha and I were best friends in high school. She was my maid of honor at my wedding. I miss her, we are so far apart, I am in Florida. I knit and crochet and love crochet. Did some machine quilting years ago, but never learned to hand quilt, but just love it and appreciate the work that goes into quilting.

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