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2017 Challenge for the International Freeform Fiberart Guild

I entered my Cherry Blossoms Weaving and Crochet into the 2017 Challenge held by the International Freeform Fiberart Guild and it was published and went live online today.
This year’s theme was titled “Pattern in Nature”

I took and old picture frame I bought at the Goodwill for $5 and threw out the picture.  I had my Hubby drill holes in the top and the bottom of the frame for my warp threads to weave in, so the frame became my weaving loom.
Here are some close up pics:

I repainted the brown frame black and the wove my background mat and sky. The clouds are poly fiber fill woven into the sky.

I then crocheted the tree branches and stitched them onto the weaving.  I brought craft wire from the back of the weaving and stuck it through and crocheted around it for more branches to give it the three dimensional effect.

I then crocheted lots of the cherry blossom flowers, leaves and buds and attached them to the branches. All the crochet is freeform (no pattern).

Here is a link to the online show, which includes entries by fiber artists from all over the world:

And here is a link to the online book, you can actually flip the pages of the book and look at all the entries:

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Free Form Scarf, Part 4

Here is the final post on my first Free Form Crochet Scarf and my adventure into a new type of Fiber Arts, at least new to me, Free Form Crochet or FF.

In Part 1, I showed my first 3 ‘scrumbles’, (the individual sections of the scarf, each small cluster is called a scrumble.)

In Part 2, I showed ‘scrumbles 4-10, and in Part 3, I showed a detailed stitch by stitch demo of scrumble # 11.

In this post, I am going to show off the final scrumbles of the Scarf, and the completed Scarf.



Here is the completed Scrumble # 11, which I showed how to make in the previous post.



Scrumble #12



Scrumble # 13



And Scrumble # 14, the final scrumble of the Scarf.



The final completed Scarf.



Here is the back of the neck, of the completed Scarf.



Side view of the Scarf.



The other side view of my Scarf.



Another view of the side.




Final View of my Scarf.


I have become a member of the International Free Form Fiberarts Guild.  It is free to join.  There are plenty of wonderful people out there who will help you and encourage you to venture out into FF.  If you have any questions please message me.  If I cannot answer them I will find someone who can.

Here is a link to the Free Form Fiberarts Guild

Happy crocheting!!!


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