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Friday Night Relaxing

Here is how I spent my Friday evening, getting some hooking time in, relaxing after a very busy week at work, and slowly recuperating after the oral surgery the Friday before.  My jaw is still just a little sore, but healed for the most part.

Crochet is very relaxing to me, it is very therapeutic.  I love it.  If I am too tired to design jewelry, or fuse glass, I can still be creative and crochet.  I will not use power tools or light a torch when I am tired, as that is a recipe for disaster, so I can pick up a crochet hook and be creative and also relax at the same time.  The stress of a busy day, or week melts away.

This will be a gift for someone special, so I am not telling you any more about it for now.  You will see pics of it when it is finished.

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Free Crochet Pattern: Ruffled Boa


May 17, 2015

By: Christina M. Lee


Skill Level: Easy

Gage: Not important

1 skein, Sensations, Rainbow Bouncle Patterns (Self-Patterning Bouncle) Pink/Grey Rainbow
(Note: I used 1 large 11 oz skein, if using a different type of yarn in a smaller skein, please adjust yarn accordingly.  I  had plenty of left over yarn from this skein, enough I made a pair of fingerless gloves and a stocking type hat to match my boa, and still had some left.  A regular worsted weight yarn makes the Boa too heavy (believe me, I tried it). If you change yarns, use something soft, light and fuzzy such as a baby weight yarn.)
Crochet Hook Size I/9 (5.5 mm)

Chain 161
(Note: Pattern is worked in round continuously on right side, do not turn.)
Round 1:  sc second ch from hook, sc in each ch across to the last ch, 3 sc in last ch. Do not turn your work. Continue to sc around on the bottom side of the chain in the open (unworked) loop all the way across the back side of the row of chain stitches back to the beginning. 3 sc in last loop, sl st to first ch creating one continuous oval, ch 2. (159 sc on each side of chain, with 3 sc in each end stitch.) 324 stitches.
Round 2:  2 dc in same stitch, (the first ch 2 acts as one dc), *3 dc in next sc*, repeat ** across this side, 6 dc in end st, *3 dc in next sc*, repeat ** across this side, 6 dc in end st, sl st in top of first ch 2 of row. Ch 2.
Round 3:  2 dc in same st, (the first ch 2 acts as one dc), *3 dc in next sc*, repeat ** around, back to beginning, sl st to beginning ch 2. Fasten off.

SANY0013I hope you have fun creating your own Boa. Please share pictures of your completed Boa with me, feel free to post them here in the comments section.  I would love to see your creations.

You may also post your pictures of your finished Boa and comments about the pattern on my Facebook page, Knitting & Crochet Friends


This is an Original Design by Christina M. Lee. Copyright May 17, 2015, Christina M. Lee, Lee Creations, Inc. d/b/a Christina M Lee Designs.   Please feel free to use my pattern to make as many Boas as you desire, give them away, sell them freely.

You are prohibited from selling the pattern or claiming the pattern is your own, or publishing the pattern in any printed material without my explicit permission. You are prohibited from publishing, copying, or using the photographs in the pattern in any manner without my explicit permission.

I would please ask that when you share the pattern you give me credit for the pattern and post a link back here to my blog or my website. or to my Knitting & Crochet Friends page on Facebook.

If you have any questions about the pattern, or need any help with the pattern, please feel free to contact me. You may post comments here on my blog, may email me at or via my Knitting & Crochet Friends Facebook page.

Happy crocheting,  Christina

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